DMS Science Friday 2017-2018


Please share in our journey as Bellamy Science students design and conduct three research experiments with the guidance of a visiting scientist from the University of New Hampshire.

Special thanks to …

The Seacoast Educational Endowment Dover for providing this opportunity to bring  three inquiry-based research projects to  students at Dover Middle School.  Their generous SEED grant has had an impact far beyond covering the cost of materials alone.

Brooke Woelber, UNH doctoral student, for  serving as our visiting scientist.  Brooke has worked with enthusiasm and patience to bring engaging lessons in the scientific method to our Dover students.

Kim Lyndes, Dover Middle School Principal, for supporting the Science Friday Program and always encouraging students as well as teachers to become successful, lifelong learners.

Fran Meffen, Dover Middle School Guidance Counselor, for introducing me to Brooke through the Dover STEAM Academy After School Enrichment Program and serving as a role model for utilizing community involvement to support learning.

And most of all to …

the students on The Bellamy Team at Dover Middle School for their intellectual curiosity, boundless enthusiasm, and willingness to think outside the box while adhering to the protocols of scientific research.



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